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R7 370 Random Freezing

Question asked by penalt on Aug 7, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2016 by penalt

I have recently upgraded my computer from R7 Integrated Graphics to having an R7 370 2Gb graphics card.  Ever since I have been getting random crashes of my system.  What happens is everything on the screen freezes in a perfect image and the computer completely locks up completely ignoring all attempts at keyboard or other input.  The HDD also immediately ceases all activity.  The system must be then power cycled after which the system returns to normal function. 


The issue only occurs with game applications.  Web surfing, streaming, or other computer work does not cause the issue.  Three game applications in particular have been known to trigger the issue.


- ARK: Survival Evolved

- 7 Days to Die

- World of Warships


Altering graphic settings, both in game and via the Radeon Settings software appear to have no effect.  The following steps have also been attempted with no effect on the issue.


- Upgrading power supply from 400w to 500w to 600w.

- Ram testing, Ram is good.

- Disabling integrated graphics via BIOS settings



I have also checked fan speeds and temperature while running benchmark tests.  Fans do ramp up to 100% appropriately and highest temperature recorded has been 81 degrees Celsius.  . All software is fully updated.


Link to DxDiag file on Dropbox: Dropbox - DxDiag.txt


Any suggestions on a course of action VERY appreciate.