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    Reference 480 is giving a multicolour 'crash'


      This occurs only when launching games. General use, desktop or web browsing does not cause it. Occurs about 50% of time. Monitor is a AOC GE360PF - Which also cannot be set to 144hz without flicker every 20 seconds.


      Using latest 16.7.3 Drivers... is this a driver or a hardware fault? - as I am still in my return period from the supplier.

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          Edit: This monitor is a G2460PF .. typo

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            Remove the 16.7.3 Drivers with DDU and reinstall the 16.7.2 drivers.    There was a problem with 16.7.3 and it is already being worked on by AMD and will be corrected very soon....   Here is a video about it  Skip AMD 16.7.3 Drivers: Hard Crashes, OC Limit - YouTube

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                Thank you for the reply. I have tried to roll back to the CD drivers and to 16.7.2 and the crashes keep happening regardless.


                Here is some more information about my rig:


                Parts List:

                Rx 480: 8 gb. Sapphire Reference

                i5 4690k 3.5 Ghz

                8 gb ram

                750w Corsair PSU

                intel Z97-P


                Describe your problem. List any error messages and symptoms. Be descriptive.


                Sometimes when I launch a game (CS:GO, H1Z1, Rust, DayZ, Arma etc..) the graphics will be extremely messed up. They give either a black screen. Or a white screen that pulsates in multi-colours. I have also seen it chop up whats on the screen and have parts of the image in random places (still interactable). When the card works it is fine and I get great FPS without problems though.


                The other issue I'm having is that when I set my monitor to 144HZ, the card will sometimes flicker.


                List anything you've done in attempt to diagnose or fix the problem.

                I have used DDU to clear all old drivers. I came from a GTX 680 and got rid of them. Installed AMD drivers (I have tried the release drivers and the most up to date). The motherboard itself is fine, I tried my old GPU in the same slot to determine if the Slot was goosed . I am using the display link cable at the moment to utilise FreeSync on my monitor, but have also used HDMI to the same effect.

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                    Hi Fallen.


                    I also recently had a problem with my RX480, and while my symptoms were more severe (entire system crash), I did occasionally see video corruption, too.


                    One thing I tried, which helped somewhat, was to use the Global WattMan settings, to reduce the maximum voltage in States 6 & 7:



                    As you can see (hopefully, since it is in German), I reduced the voltages for State 6&7 to 1050 and 1060mV respectively. This reduced the crashes and video corruptions.

                    You may also want to enable the "energy efficiency" option. Do note that you need to install the 16.7.2 / 16.7.3 driver versions to see that option.


                    By the way, you can find my full thread here -- which lists all the things I tried:



                    Hope that helps!