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    DVR Gamebar not working - AMD A10-8700p


      Hi there, recently i bought this new HP Pavilion laptop with this specs:
      AMD A10-8700p Radeon R6 Dedicated Graphics + Radeon R7 M360 Integrated Graphics

      Windows 10 64-Bit

      Radeon Crimson Software: 16.7.3

      12GB RAM

      As you can see, i have two GPU(?

      bar 2.png

      Well, DVR gamebar was working pretty good, as i can record gameclips, but when i installed Windows 10 anniversary update, it has stop working with this message:

      bar1.pngbar 2.png

      I was investigating about this issue: "What are the PC system requirements to record game clips in the Xbox app?"

      And i found this:

      See list video cards in below to record game clips in the xbox app with Game DVR on Windows 10:

      • AMD: AMD Radeon HD 7700 series, HD 7700M series, HD 8500 series, HD 8500M series, R9 series, and R7 series or later.
      • NVIDIA: GeForce 600 series or later, GeForce 800M series or later, Quadro Kxxx series or later.
      • Intel: Intel HD graphics 4200 or later, Intel Iris Graphics 5100 or later.

      Is kinda weird 'coz before installing update it was working very fine and now is not working, i tried to uninstalling drivers with latest DDU and reinstalling drivers but it didn't worked.



      Please Help me uwu