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Card Crashing

Question asked by nalera on Aug 7, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2016 by amdmatt

I am having trouble with my graphics card crashing while playing video games. I have a fairly old graphics card, a radeon 7770 but I've literally had zero problems with it and can play most games on medium settings. All of a sudden yesterday my graphics card started crashing while playing WoW. I thought at first it might be because of the 16.7.3 update so I rerolled back to another old version and same problem. I monitored my graphics card temperature and noticed that whenever I'm browsing the internet or idle its at a steady 39-47 degrees celsius. The second I start a game like WoW literally within the first 5 seconds the temperature spikes to 70 and within the next 5 seconds it's at 90 and then it crashes. I have no idea how to fix this problem. Is the card broken? Is it reading the temperature wrong and automatically crashing the card? Is the card actually going up to 90 degrees that fast? I had no problems with the card one day and now its crashing.



Edit: I underclocked the card to it lowests mhz for both the memory and core clock to 500 and 560 respectively. As I'm using WoW to test the card I put the settings on low and locked the fps to 60 and still the card is reaching 70-80 temperature according to msi afterburner, but the card is not crashing at least. I've noticed that as soon as I start playing a game even open the memory and core clocks go striaght to 100% or their max mhz, whatever that setting happens to be. I've played wow and much more graphics intensive games for many years with this card so this shouldn't be happening.