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    FX-8350 clock problem.


      Hey there,


      So I'm having a rather irritating problem regarding my 8350 - its clocks stay pinned to 1400MHz, no matter what application is currently running - however, it only does this sporadically. Some days, no matter how many times I restart, the CPU will stay pinned. Other days, it either isn't even a problem or resolves itself within a small amount of time.


      First, some system information:


      • PSU: Seasonic M12II EVO
      • MOBO: MSI 970 Gaming
      • CPU: AMD FX-8350
      • GPU: MSI R9 380
      • RAM: 8GB HyperX Fury, @1886MHz
      • CPU Cooler: Cooler Master 212 EVO
      • Case/Fans: Phanteks Ethoo Pro w/5 fans
      • OS: Win10/7 (SSD & HDD, respectively)


      And some troubleshooting information:

      • My power plan is currently tuned for performance.
      • According to various hardware diagnostic programs, my CPU isn't overheating (though we can never be certain thanks to AMD's algorithm-based temp monitoring).
      • AMD Cool N' Quiet is enabled.
      • Target CPU frequencies are correctly displayed in the BIOS.
      • This processor has not seen any overclocking of any kind, besides turbo boost.

      Any thoughts? My clock speed information was obtained from HWiNFO64.




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          • AMD Cool N' Quiet is enabled.

          That's why. When it is enabled in BIOS, the clock will fluctuate based on load.

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              See, that's the odd thing. I'd expect for the clocks to be that low on minimal-load applications/states. Yet, when I play games which would typically demand a full load from the CPU (GTA as an example), the clocks remain pinned and do not increase according to demand (which, as a side-note, results in absolutely terrible framerates in cpu-dependent games).

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                  And when you disable Cool N Quiet?

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                      Actually, I've decided I'm just going to RMA the board. Some extra research and other problems have indicated the possibility of component failure. Thanks for you help, however.

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                          There are usually two issues that cause an AMD CPU/APU to run at 1400 MHz. under heavy load such as gaming and that is overheating of the processor or overheating of the mobo VRM. You might also experience the low frequency issue if the BIOS is not correct for the CPU. Your HSF should be sufficient if properly installed and you have good airflow thru the case.


                          AMD 970 chipset based mobos are usually the lower cost designs many of which do not have sufficient mobo VRM designs to properly power an FX-8000 125w series CPU. Most mobo makers list on their websites what CPUs are supported by each model of mobo and also what BIOS version is required. If the mobo you have doesn't have a good heatsink on the VRM circuit it's probably not of a proper design for an 8-core 125w AMD CPU and thus the VRM will overheat and throttle the CPU frequency until the VRM cools then it will cycle the frequency up and down as it overheats.


                          Applications like OCCT are useful for troubleshooting CPU frequency/vcore voltage as they record the real time system parameters so you can see for instance if the vcore and frequency drop at the same time. (They should). Under gaming/heavy load is where most issues occur. When the system is idling naturally the energy saving settings will lower the frequency and voltage. C1E, C6, C&Q can all be manually disabled to see if the issues is resolved. Finding the root cause of most PC issues requires a systematic approach to try and isolate the problem. Hope that you find the issue. Also be advised that the power plan selected in Win10 can cause issues with parked cores and other issues.

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                    Hey r3robbie,


                    I'm also having issues with my PC, I bought a new video card : Sapphire R9 390 - 8gb/512 bit, and the problems started. My CPU wouldn't get past 1.4ghz and the vcore past 0.912. I tried putting the old card back, with which i never had any issues ( Asus R7 265 - 2gb/256bit ) but that did not solve it. Asked a friend to come over with his PSU which is identical to mine, did not fix it. I used the " slow mode switch ", Oc'd the CPU to 4.2ghz, disabled cool and quitet, and a few other things i found here and on another forum.

                    Now it's running ok, but it fluctuates, i have major FPS drops in GTA 5, War thunder(for war thunder the settings are the same as on the R7 ) , Dying light and can't get passed 30 fps .In your case was the MB the issue, or something else?  I am thinking about taking my PC to the store from where i bought all the parts and asking them to test the PSU, MB and CPU with the current GPU and find the culprit.


                    Any suggestion is appreciated.

                    My PC specs :


                    Sapphire R9 390 - 8gb/512 bit

                    16 GB Corsair HyperX

                    MSI 970 gaming

                    Sirtec 750W 80+ Bronze


                    The CPU is water cooled and i have plenty of case fans, so overheating is not the issue.


                    Thank you in advance, and Happy Easter