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    "No signal detected" on Monitor (PC not booting when PCI-E is connected to GPU)



      I've recently built my first gaming PC and wanted to see if it would work before I install my graphics card (Sapphire RX 480 8GB). Luckily, it did! But when I plugged the PCI-E cable into my RX 480 and tried to boot my computer again, the monitor said "No signal detected". I unplugged the cable from my graphics card and turned the PC on, and it worked perfectly fine. I thought this was just me, but the same thing happened to my friend (his graphics card is an Asus R9 380). I have tried doing multiple things, such as re-seating my RAM, replacing the PCI-E cable, and trying to fit it in another PCI-E slot and it still doesn't work. Could not having the current bios version and/or drivers installed yet be the issue? I was wondering if this has happened to any other person and if there was a solution to it. Thanks!