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    RX 480 blackscreen


      Sorry if this is in the wrong place.

      I bought an RX 480 yesterday, installed it with no problems.  I am getting full resolution on my monitor, drivers updated, no problems.  every now and again, without warning it will black screen.  No response from PC.  Reboot and all is well, for a while.  I have had one white screen. 


      my system specs are

      OS Windows 10 Home 64-bit

      CPU Intel Core i5 6400 Skylake

      RAM 20.0GB @ 1069MHz 

      Motherboard ASUS Z170-P 


      Monitor acer CB240HYK (3840x2160@60Hz)

      8192MB ATI Radeon RX 480 Graphics ASUS

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          I recommend a system clean up and a fresh installation of  our latest drivers, to see if it resolves the issue.


          1. Run the Windows self check tool to check scan and automatically repair any corrupt files found in Windows. There is a guide on how to do it here.  What you need to do is run an elevated command prompt (elevated means run it as administrator) and type SFC /SCANNOW. This will generate a statement indicating if errors were found the Operating system and if they were fixable.


          2. Make sure you have installed Microsfot NetFramework and Visual C++ 2013. These should be installed already, but they can become damaged, need repairing or reinstalling.


          3. Update Windows. Install all available critical, recommended and optional updates. Often Netframework and Visual C are included in the recommended or optional updates Windows provides. Windows should always be fully up to date before installing our drivers!


          4. Use DDU to sweep the system of AMD drivers in safe mode.


          5. Install the latest Crimson 16.7.3 drivers once the above is completed and check to see if the issue is resolved.


          If the issue persists after performing the steps above, you might want to try an older driver until we release a new update.

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              Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.  NetFramework and C++ are installed and repaired.  Windows is up to date.  Drivers reinstalled and up to date (that was a pain).  It is still happening. 


              I have disabled any surge protection on my asus motherboard just in case that was it.  It is still happening. 


              I don't want to send the GC back.  I wanted to wait for a while and get another for crossfire.  But I am typing this wondering if it will just freeze up before I can post

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              Drivers & Software Correct forum.

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                Placa lixo. Suporte lixo... Nunca mais compro amd..

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                  Does it do the same in 1080p?

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                    I have experienced black screens with a recently bought XFX RX480 GTR Black and it seems that it boils down to the basic PSU not rising up to the card's needs. TL DR version is insufficient AMPS.


                    I own a Seasonic MII 620W PSU, that has two 12V rails with 24A each. Seasonic is considered a good manufacturer and 620W should be enough for an RX 480 but it isn't. After I installed the card I immediately launched the heaven benchmark to see its potential, but after one second after starting the screen turned black and I had to hard reset. I tried a game, but it had the same result. I tried everything that I found on the internet (DDU, "x" amount of drivers, BIOS updates, reinstalling windows, upgrading to win 10), nothing worked.


                    Then I decided to go at it "oldschool" and borrowed a more powerful (even though of lesser quality) High Power PSU with 700W and and a single 12V rail with 52.5A and needless to say the GPU card performed flawlessly. SInce my Seasonic has 620W and 2 rails with 24A (2x24A=48A???) it might not have been enough or the PSU has some kind of protection when the Amps that the card requires spyke.


                    I have come to this conclusion while observing the volts and amps listed in hwinfo64 for the gpu while the heaven benchmark was running. The watts usage never went above 130W but the Amps were all over the place with an average of 50A and spykes as high 120A (maybe this is where the PSU protection kicked in and shut off the power and the screen went black). I know it sounds unreasonably high for an amperage measurement but giving the the power issues that the RX 480 had at launch they are plausible.


                    My suggestion is to buy a good PSU with at least 700W and 52.5A on a single rail! I hope this helps somebody (to not waste 3 weeks troubleshooting RX480 gpu problems like I did)

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