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Blue Screen with AMD Crimson and later versions of Catalyst.

Question asked by lexiilv on Aug 7, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2016 by kingfish

Hello, so i recently bought a sapphire 7950 vapor-x used, and i had a problem with amd drivers, i've had problems with AMDs drivers numerous times with my now dead 6670, that would make the TDR error and the display would lag and unfreeze with the display stopped responding error, i fixed that can't remember exactly how, now i have a different problem.


Once i install the Crimson drivers and start a normal boot in my Windows 7 pro 64bit, freshly installed BTW. I get a blue screen almost instantly after opening chrome for example or any other application really. Staying in desktop, atleast for Windows 8.1 64 bit i had last time didn't blue screen it. The BSOD would show that atikmpag.sys cause the BSOD. Same BSOD happened with Windows 7 64 bit that i had at first with all the crap in it, i then upgraded to 8.1 in hopes of the problem being tied to the OS and with no good, same thing would happen, and also now with my completely fresh install of win 7 only with chrome installed. I tried a few drivers, i have tried the crimson, the omega, and a bit later versions on catalyst, the only driver that worked for me was Catalyst 13.9. The previous owner said that he didn't have such problem with any drivers on win 7, win 8.1 and now win 10.


System (yes my CPU is bottlenecking my GPU):

Intel pentium G3220

Gigabyte H81M-D2V

Some random Kingston value ram 2x2GB sticks.

Corsair CX430.

WD Caviar blue 1TB, the new sata3 version AKA the EZEX version.

And of course the Sapphire 7950 Vapor-X.


Yes my PSU is not the most powerfull but it shouldn't be a cause for such BSOD, if i can run on another driver. Also it's enough for that GPU and CPU.


I hope i am going to get a answer from AMD regarding this, i was first hesitating whenever to buy this thing or a new gtx 750ti, since i had problems with AMDs drivers before. I might return the card to the owner and go with the 750ti if this can't be resolved. since i am missing on alot of optimization with drivers.