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Complete driver melt down. Black screen with cursor plus mosaic pixelation

Question asked by lancebutterfield on Aug 6, 2016
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Windows 10 64bit

16GB ram

Radeon rx 480

AMD FX 8350

No video drivers currently installed. Went through the latest 3 and had the same problems

Motherboard Gigabyte 970A-UD3P

1 display monitor using DVI through a DP dongle

PSU thermaltake smart 750W


I rarely restart my computer because I rarely need too. So I decide to restart my computer and watch some youtube videos. As I close out the window to youtube the screen starts to flicker and cause problems. My old 290 would sometimes have driver failure and do that and I would just have to restart to fix it. Mind you that I've had no problems with the RX 480 at this point and it's only a week or two old. The computer reboots just fine and the password screen pops up for me to key in my password. Nothing amiss so far. Then I come onto a completely black desktop with just a cursor. I can move the cursor around and even click on desktop icons and the start menu. When folder windows popped up they would be blank. The start menu would show up just fine but the rest of the things would show up as white boxes.


So I restart into safe mode and uninstall my drivers using DDU and relog into windows allowing windows to use the Microsoft basic display adapter so I can see what I'm doing. I download the latest official AMD drivers from the AMD website and try for a reinstall. Everything goes fine until about half way through it flips out and starts to mosaic the screen. It stays like this until I go back into safe mode and uninstall the AMD drivers.


So far as I can tell only one person I've read about has had problems similar to mine. This same problem happens with the last 3 drivers. I've been working my way back through the drivers trying to find one that works. The only thing I can come up with is maybe the windows update downloaded and installed some windows drivers that is in conflict with the official AMD ones and is causing all sorts of hell. Any help would be great since I'm almost out of ideas.


Here's what I'm dealing with.