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    Open GL Games on the 480, Profiles, and Java


      (I am not a tech genius so bare with me) So I bought the RX 480 to play mid ranged games with. One of my favorites is Minecraft. Of course I play others and I get great frames with them! Yet Minecraft is a question with AMD. It does get great frames alone, but I like to run shader packs with it. That's when it really hurts. I then get 20-38 fps with it, yet when I run Valley Benchmark with Open GL I can get at 60fps. It looks like it doesn't like games ran by JAVA. Anyway to fix that and add a profile to wattman of the game itself and not just the launcher?



      AMD Athlon X4 860K Quad Core -CPU

      ASRock FM2A88X Pro3+ -MoBo

      RX 480 -CPU

      Corsair 2x4gb -RAM

      Kingston 2x4gb -RAM