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    What happened to Razer...


      So, went to use my computer this morning, opened the internet, clicked the mouse wheel to free scroll, didn't work, apparently the switch is broken because it only works if it's pressed very hard and past the click point. And it's 3 months out of warranty, usually when that stuff happens isn't it? Oh, and Razer doesn't make the Naga Hex anymore, which is what I have, so if I want the same thing I'll have to go with the Amazon.com: Razer Naga Hex V2 MOBA Gaming Mouse, Professional Grade 16,000 DPI Sensor - Dominate w/ 7 Button Mechanical … but frankly I'm reluctant to go back to them after this, and after my brand new Razer Black Widow Ultimate arrived with a broken key.


      Once upon a time the original Razer Diamondback was the most durable and reliable piece of equipment this side of an M1 Abrams and Razer was a synonym for quality hardware built to last, these days I'd say they're a synonym for "overpriced junk"... Anyway, I thought I'd have better luck with the G-SKILL-RIPJAWS MX780 Hope I do, can't keep shelling out $50 a year for new mice...

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          I also have gone through a few mice, but they last a bit longer for me than a year. Microsoft and Logitech are bother fairly reliable.

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            I would suggest you look at A4Tech, I bought one two years ago and its the best mouse I've ever owned, and I've owned some stupid high priced ones, corsair and razer..

            I think I give like 30 bucks for it.


            a4tech x7-f5 is the model I bought, cant beat it for $30..  It has switch on the fly finite sniper targeting, and also full macro capable through software, so if you dont want want recoil, you dont have to have recoil.  .



            I looked and its actually 3 yrs old now..