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HDMI video flickering when hdmi audio is enabled and unmuted.

Question asked by abaddon1979 on Aug 6, 2016

So some back story before the issue.


I had a install of windows 7 professional when I got this HIS 7970 iceq x2, I installed it and it worked fine with no issues. I upgraded to windows 10 and had a screen flickering issue. The screen would flicker every 2 seconds unless I was playing media that made sound and then it would stop until the media was finished and then start again. I rolled back to my install of windows 7 and I was fine again. I recently purchased a new mobo and processor so I installed windows 7 ultimate, same screen flickering issue happened with the newest amd drivers, I said crap so I reinstalled professional hoping that would help and the problem remains. I downgraded the drivers a few times and the issue is still there. If I mute the sound the flickering goes away, as soon as i unmute it then it will come back. When it was working fine if I muted the sound, it would flicker once and then be fine so its like windows is muting itself or stoping the hdmi audio over and over. I disabled the onboard audio in the bios to see if that would resolve it and the issue remains. Im at a loss for a resolution, i would really like to have hdmi sound. My specs are below. If anyone has any ideas i would greatly appreciated it.


Monitor: Sanyo LCD TV

Graphics card: HIS 7970 x2 iceq

Proc: i7 4970

Mobo: ASUS h97m-e

Operating system: Windows 7 professional service pack one with all updates.