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Newest update (radeon-crimson-16.7.3-win10-64bit) killed my GPU signal

Question asked by pabi on Aug 6, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2016 by pabi

tl;dr: After the newest 16.7.3 update my 280X stopped sending signal to any monitor I checked on. It's working, fans are working, monitors receive information something is attached to the other side of the cable, but no signal is transfered from my GPU and no information is shown on monitors.


Hello everyone,

Starting with my system:

- MSI R9 280X

- Desktop

- Windows 10 64bit

- radeon-crimson-16.7.3-win10-64bit drivers

- two monitors: benq g222hdl 1080 @60Hz (DVI) and dell p2214h 1080 @60Hz (HDMI)

- Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3

- CPU AMD FX-8350

- PSU XFX 650W Pro

- RAM 16GB



After the last update I cannot play any game or force my GPU to any harder work (for example via FurMark). I'm pretty sure it's caused by the update, since I played games for about 6 hours, installed update (and nothing more changed in my PC) and after that it started. Previously I never had any of such problems.

What happens, when I try, is that my both monitors have multi-colored horizontal stripes on them. After that I have to turn my PC completely off, cause I didn't find any solution for this and if I want to turn it on immediatelly, GPU doesn't send any signal to my monitors, even though my PC is working. I need to wait more time. Sometimes 30 seconds, sometimes 10 minutes.


I used the auto-update and after that games (Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, Diablo 3, GuildWars2, The Division) started to work for 2-10 minutes maximum.

- I thought it's something with installation, so I used one of driver removal tool (Display Driver Uninstaller), removed drivers, restarted PC and installed them manually again. No change.

- I thought that maybe it's something with temperature, because the crash happens on at least 75-degreesC level (NOPE, it crashed on 62 and 67 also).

- I thought it may be something with games, but FurMark for 1080p is crashing my PC after ~20 seconds.


//Edit: Yesterday after crash about 22 CEST I turned off my PC. When I wanted to turn it on again at 9 CEST, video signal wasn't sent to any of my monitors. I tried plugging only one monitor, but no change. I had to remove this GPU and change it to my HD 6850 old card. What is strange, when I first turned on the PC after the exchange, it again didn't work. I had to wait for about 10 minutes, after which time it started working. I reinstalled drivers, used OCCT and FurMark without any problems. When I wanted to switch to my 280X, the signal wasn't still sent - I think the newest patch killed my GPU. I will go tomorrow with it to the nearest "PC hospital", maybe they'll help in some way...


//Edit2: I tried going back to previous software versions, on which my 280X worked properly, like 16.6.1, but didn't help.


What files/statistics would you need to help me with that issue? Is there possibility to downgrade drivers to previous version?

Thanks for your help.