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Good day. I have a problem with crash and  temperatures

Question asked by isolosky on Aug 6, 2016

Good day. I have a problem when I run the game World of Tanks, it almost immediately becomes blue screen with hdmi signal not detected! Also very hot 2 graphics card up to 90 degrees, while the 1 total 74.

My PC:

AMD Graphics Card - r9 380x (x2 crossfire)

Driver version installed - 16.7.3

Operating System - Windows 10 64bit

Display Devices - BenQ GL2460HM 1920х1080 @60Hz conect by hdmi

Motherboard - MSI 970 GAMING

CPU - AMD FX 8300

Power Supply - deepcool quanta 750w gold

RAM - 16gb

hdd - seagate barracuda 1 tb

ssd - samsung 500 gb