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HD7850 out of range after update

Question asked by displeaser on Aug 6, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2016 by sylvean



I recently updated the drivers for my HD7850 to latest version: 16.7.3, and my PC crashed during after some graphical glitches game and I got a BSOD. After rebooting my PC I get a blank screen on my monitor which says 'out of range' 41.3KHz/40Hz or somesuch. I've been using the same monitor and graphics card no problem for 4 years until now.


I've tried booting in to the boot menu, but I simply can't see anything, so my PC is useless with the GPU plugged in, I'm currently using the onboard graphics. I cannot change the refresh rate on my monitor or from the desktop, the resolution is optimum for the monitor.


I've tried uninstalling the drivers, then reinstalling an old one, but nothing works. I really don't know what to do right now.


OS: Windows 7 64 bit

CPU: i5-3550

MB: Asus p8h61-mx

RAM : 8GB corsair 1600MHz

PSU: 600W