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Why doesn't AMD aslo try to solve the driver overhead issue?

Question asked by andrei93 on Aug 6, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2016 by hardcoregames™

Ever since nvidia released their DX11 drivers, their performance improvements in DX11 titles have been quite high while AMD's DX11 performance has been left relatively the same. I know that currently the focus of AMD is on DX12 and Vulkan but there still are a lot of DX11 games out there that will never get a DX12 update such as Unreal Engine games, Far Cry, Crysis and so on. Games that are also used in benchmarks.
I've just watched this video and it has been the reason why I ask this question.

I'm not arguing that AMD products do not have enough performance. I'm just saying that there is more potential to be pulled out of the GPUs and am only wondering why doesn't the driver team do it.