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New Member, Longtime AMD User, Hate being left in moderation queue.

Question asked by crosis on Aug 6, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2016 by amdmatt

New poster here, had an issue (that appears to be software related) and figured "Why not take it to the AMD Forums". Love to see that as a new user I am moderated into oblivion (sarcasm), a post I created over 6 hours ago is still awaiting approval, but plenty of posts have been created by other members in that time.
Its amazing that I actually posted and followed the guidelines (to the best of my knowledge) for a ticket post, just to sit here twiddling my thumbs. (Its just like calling an actual Technical Support Line, spend hours on hold just to give up and figure out the solution on your own or buy something else that works from a competitor)


Forum moderation tactics need to be looked into, posters coming here with issues looking to get help with critical systems are being left in an apocalyptic wasteland waiting for signs of life.

I can honestly say my experience here thus far has made me question my choice in AMD products, makes me wonder how many other (or potential) customers have been lost for the same or similar reasons?
What is the SLA for moderators to approve tickets?