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    Bios splash screen missing with RX480


      I just wondered if this is normal. When I start my system up I usually get a MoBo splash screen which gives me F key choices to get to my BIOS. After installing the new Radeon RX480 with 8 gigs of memory, all I get is a scramble screen of multicolored rectangles. Not really a big problem as I could always check my MoBo manual for what keys I need to press, but I am curious if this is happening to others or is this a problem with the new graphics card?

      BTW I am running Windows 10 64 bit on a Gigabyte Motherboard and a 1st generation Pentium i7 CPU 950 at 3.07 GHz and 12 gigs of RAM.

      Thanks for any responses.



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          Did you wipe the old card drivers (with DDU ?) before installing new card.

          Maybe try a Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers

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            Throw the motherboard BIOS pulling out the battery

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                For people saying it is a driver issue, that wouldn't be possible since no drivers are loaded during the motherboard BIOS screen (well UEFI motherboards have their own internal ones)


                You would have to check your motherboard manufacturer support forum really to see if there is a fix / workaround and or update your motherboard BIOS

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                    Thanks for all the suggestions.


                    amdpete, My motherboard is at least 6 years old. I am not sure that Gigabyte still supports the old architecture but will look into it. I am not sure it is really a major system problem by not seeing the splash screen. I just wondered if others had experienced this with the new RX480 cards or not.


                    Thanks guys, I will look into these suggestions.



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                  Your 6 yo mobo most likely does not fulfil the power requirements for a 480 card hence your garbled screen - get a recent mobo and enjoy your new GPU

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                      "6 yo mobo most likely does not fulfil the power requirements for a 480 card"

                      I  thought that might be the reason and asked the salesman that question. He said the RX480 would work on my system.


                      Excluding the introductory Splash screen, everything else is working fine as far as I can tell. I get a high score on 3DMark when I ran FutureMark's tests. Tomb Raider works at its highest graphic settings. So, do I really need to worry if I don't have the MoBo splash screen?


                      Thanks again, all these comments are helpful.



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                          My MSI board barely flickers the BIOS MSI logo as it boots up. The board has fast boot and it does everything it can to speed the process up.


                          Back in the early days the video card may have shown a 1 line message before the rise of the BIOS menus. Back then the only option was press ESC to stop the BIOS from scanning memory slowly.


                          This is from machines with 8088 processors and even 80286 and many early 80386 machines.

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                            The multicolored-rectangles usually indicate a serious (power up) problem but if everything else is working fine for you.. - your call to continue! Personally I would test this card in another system to be sure it's not the card itself on the way out.


                            There may be a bios update for your card available?

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                                Okay, this is a serious power up problem? I bought the NEW RX480 on the first day it came out from AMD (June 29, 2016) I installed it and this splash screen problem has been there every time on boot up. How can the card itself be on the "way out" as noodles59 suggests. I am really nervous now. I hope I haven"t wasted my money on a card that is totally unstable. Why hasn't AMD support made any suggestions related to this kind of problem?

                                Right now, as you can see, I have more questions than answers.

                                My system:

                                Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R MoBo

                                CPU is i7 950 @3.07 GHz

                                12 GB RAM

                                Radeon RX480 graphics card

                                850 Watt PSU

                                64 bit Windows 10

                                MoTu 2408 MkII soundcard interface

                                C: 1 TB HD

                                E:  1 TB HD

                                F:  1 TB HD

                                H:  1 TB USB HD

                                I:   1.5 TB USB HD

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                            I had the same problem with a RX 480 on my motherboard. The BIOS splash screen was replaced with a screen of blocky pixels, but after that it started up fine. My motherboard is the Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3. This problem didn't occur in another PC that I tested the card with, so it's likely a motherboard issue. Updating the BIOS didn't help.

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                              I have a similar issue, and didn't want to start a new thread because it's almost exactly like your problem. When I start my computer with the rx480 in the top PCIE slot, I see the initial BIOS screen(where it prompts you to press delete if you want to open BIOS setup), but after that, my screen goes black until Windows starts, then it works fine. If I plug it into the second PCIE slot I get the same problem you're having with the multicolored blocky screen. Also, on the top PCIE slot if I enter BIOS setup, the screen stays black unless I disconnect and re-connect the HDMI cable, then it starts working again. I did update to the "latest" BIOS, but it's from 2012 lol, there's another one from 2014 but it's BETA, and people always say BETAs are bad news.

                              Please let us know if the new card has the same problem or not when you get it!


                              Motherboard: Gigabyte 990fxa-ud3(rev.1)

                              CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 970

                              RAM: GSkill Ripjaws 1600 4GBx2

                              GPU: Radeon RX480(PowerColor reference)

                              PSU: Corsair TX650W

                              Storage: 120GB OCZ Vertex SSD, 1TB Samsung HDD(x2)

                              OS: Windows 10 64-bit

                              Monitor: Vizio VL320M (TV)

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                                when using hdmi with my rx 480 my boot screen is at the wrong resolution just wondering if you you guys are having the same problems and that's why some of you get corrupt or blank screens. just a thought I'm waiting for a adapter to see if connecting with vga instead fixes the problem

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                                  Greetings to everyone,


                                  I am encountering the same problem. I have just received a XFX Radeon RX 470 RS 1226 Mhz and the motherboard is a Gigabyte Ga-H97N-Wifi. The OS is windows 10 64, installed on a SSD through a clean install. The motherboard is a miniITX format, so the videocard is installed in the only available PCIe slot. The case is a slim model from fractal design and uses a PCIe riser card to proper accomodate the videocard. PSU is a little sfx capable of 300 W. Connection with HDMI to a Panasonic Viera TV. Initial boot through the radeon card shows artifacts and there is no way to display the UEFI system of the motherboard. The riser card and the limited PSU power could be responsible for the problem, but once in windows OS the videocard works flawlessly, even in demanding benchmarks and games.

                                  I have adressed the problem to XFX support online and they told me my unit is faulty, but then I discovered other users have same issues. It seems related to the lack of UEFI video drivers in some gigabyte motherboards. Has anyone found a solution or a workaround for this? Sure, the card is still enjoyable in per-day uses, but it is frustrating to buy a brand new product and not having it 100% functional.

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                                    I  found a work around for this but you need to have vga input on monitor. I bought an adaptor display port to vga. Bios screen works as it should. I don't have a dvi socket as my card  is reference but would think dvi to vga should work too. My motherboard is an Asus in hdmi the bios screen is the wrong resolution not sure what resolution its trying to display but works fine with the other cable/adaptor.

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                                      My BIOS screen is having issues with the RX480 as well. I get some wacky mosaic of 8-bit blocks that flash all over the screen. It looks like some game from the 80's, pretty funny corrupted like!

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                                        Hi Rich,   Did you find a solution to this?  I just installed an RX 480 card in a X99 motherboard and don't get a splash screen either.  Everything else seems to work though.  Mildly annoying.  Had the splash screen with an MSI 980 okay.   


                                        Card is a Sapphire nitro+ RX 480 4Gb, board is a Asus X99 Deluxe.

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                                          Add me to another one that has experienced the exact same issue; I write this in hopes it'll shed some help for others with the same issue.


                                          I purchased my Sapphire RX 480 and plonked it into a Gigabyte running legacy BIOS P55A-UD3 and received the same garbled and pixelated screen on the BIOS screen regardless of cleaning with DDU or using DVI vs HDMI. I actually purchased a RX 460 initially and returned it thinking it was the video card but with this RX 480, I think it's to do with the fact our motherboards don't support UEFI since I've updated the BIOS to the newest release (which is still pretty old now and no UEFI support...). Both cards seem to work fine after booting Windows 10 normally. My HD 5770 still works fine. I've tested the RX 480 in a H270 chip and it works fine. Power supply is not an issue; just updated my system with a brand new TT ToughPower 750W. I think the only real solution to this issue is to get a UEFI supporting motherboard.


                                          Good luck.

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                                            Hm.. Just a thought, as I am having the same issue, is everyone's card Sapphire brand? Lol. Cause I have a sapphire RX 460 2GB and its causing the same issue to my GA-970A-D3 motherboard. Lol. i suspect is the GPU, because my old HD 6770 works like a charm. Only issue with the RX 460 is when I play CSGO, the PC crashes after like 15mins of gameplay.. Lol. Stress.

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                                              hi,i have rx 480 asus 8 gb oc also ga990xa-ud3 rev1.1 and getting this complication contacted with gigabyte i asked for new bios update i hope they return as a positive answer then i will give info here but my concern is its not just simple problem might be cause much bigger complication i wanna learn this actually

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                                                I had returned the card to the store and exchanged it for a NVidia gtx 1060. I will look at AMD graphics after I do a build to a new computer system. Sorry that I can't give you any answers.

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                                                  Just did a clean install of Windows 10 Pro on my system after my XFX HD 7870DD went out. Ordered a new Asus RX 570 4GB 256bit. While waiting for my new card to arrive I was using the i5 2500K HD 3000 graphics.System would boot fine with the Gigabyte BIOS boot logo at hit of power button.


                                                  Once I received my new RX 570 I installed it (already had downloaded 18.4.1 drivers prior to shutdown). Installed the card. Pressed the power button and the Gigabyte BIOS boot logo was an 8bit mess. Went into BIOS (Delete key) and checked all my settings and they were fine. In the BIOS there is an option of turning on/off the boot logo....


                                                  Full Screen LOGO Show     (Default: Enabled)   Set this to Disabled


                                                  Once set to disabled when powered on the fullscreen logo is off and the normal POST message will show. Clearly this is a compatibility issue between the card and the BIOS.


                                                  System specs:


                                                  Windows 10 Pro 64bit 1803 build 17134.48

                                                  Core i5 2500K unclocked

                                                  16GB G-Skill DDR3 Trident X CL7-8-8-24

                                                  Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3  BIOS Award Software Int. F10 latest legacy

                                                  Asus RX 570 4GB Adrenalin 18.4.1

                                                  1TB WD SATA3

                                                  1TB WD SATA3

                                                  1TB Hitachi SATA3

                                                  Sound Blaster Xfi Xtreme Gamer

                                                  LG Blue Ray DVD Burner DL

                                                  Antec 650w PSU

                                                  Rosewill Challenger mid tower