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    R9 380 & MANTLE [need help]


      Status: UNRESOLVED



      Computer Type: DESKTOP/CUSTOM BUILT



      GPU: VISIONTEK R9 380 2GB



      CPU: INTEL i7 3770k 4.2 GHz



      Motherboard: ASROCK z68 Extreme3 Gen3



      RAM: 16GB






      Operating System & Version: WINDOWS 8.1 64-BIT



      GPU Drivers: R9300 FIJIV2



      Chipset Drivers: i7 3770k



      Background Applications: Origin, Logitech Software, Radeon Crimson Software



      Description of Problem: Stuttering and crashing while using Mantle API in Battlefield Hardline. Memory Leak and CPU Stuttering/Hitching



      Troubleshooting: Installed ALL AMD drivers from 14.4 and tested Mantle with each and every single driver, yes even R9300series and Fiji v1 and v2 drivers.