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rx 480 FPS problems

Question asked by marauder_xxx on Aug 5, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2016 by codygman

I just purchased new MSI RX 480 and have weird problem - i got 30 fps in a lot of games like GTA 5, Dark souls 2-3, MK X, Borderlands etc. New games and also prety old, so its not about performance i think. Looks like its locked by some reason, I truned off fps lock and Vsync in radeon settings - and there was no effect at all, i still have 30 fps in games. In the same time i have no rpoblems with fps in ARK, CS GO and Rust, there is everyting ok.

What could be a reason of this weird lock? I have not so good CPU - A8 6600k, but its NOT bottleneck, cause with my old card r7 370 everything was great i haad more then 40 fps in Dark souls 3, and stable 60 fps in dark souls 2 for example. But now its 30fps maximum.