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    Display driver problem after Windows 10 anniversary update


      Its been 5 days since Windows 10 anniversary update released and there is no fix about driver issue caused after the Windows update. I have seen many many posts about this error and there is no move from AMD to fix it. I can't even use my system. I roll back drivers and Crimson dissapears. Don't tell me to do that do that! I don't need an answer.

      How is this possible poor support possible? AMD have to work extra work hours such 24 hours a day to fix it urgently and its dissapointing that there is no change yet. I will never ever buy and AMD graphics anymore. Never! Never!

      Support: 0

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          Say never never...until new born...


          I have same problem as i Updated my 1511 10568 494 to Anyversary 14939.10


          I have looking to Bitmeter and saw that the Uptade costs 3,7 GB. Now i know that was not a Update of System it was a Full Upgrade new Windows with keep my Data alive...

          But the Settings and my Regestry was changed, my Config was changed (becuz it was a Upgrade not an Update from Microsoft FFFFFFFFFF)


          I have make a SystemRecovery from my System Restore Point and become a Error (it says nothing have changed) at a New start i have only the Administrator Profile with nothing on it.


          So i decided to go to Microsoft and Downlaod new ISO 1607


          I Try new install and keep my Data on it.


          Same happenings

          sfc /scannow brings nothing


          Restore Point Fail 0800005 Error

          SystemResore Fail 08100027 Error


          Beacuse the System Premissions was not Right, so i must make The SystemVoluime Folder to see in the FolderOptions,


          After Give Administrator Full Rights and After all Folders have become Full Rights no Error comes again.


          Positive= all Desktop Shortcuts have same Position after Restart "yey"


          With the AMD Driver

          i have make to Disable the DriverSighning from Microsoft in the Safe mode (not with BCDEDIT in CMD)

          and in gpedit.msc make sure that Windwos Update dont install Drivers (search for it in internet)


          Disabled the "Validiate" in Hardware Options (for my intel mgpu) and installing first driver from the Systemmanager and than the "Software". exe


          The AMD GPU i have deinstalled again to delete stadart MS 10 driver

          after that i install the from AMD and over it i Upgrade the and alway uncheck the Installing automatic Driver option.


          Now System 1493910 win1064x Run good with Amd and Intel driver.


          Yes its not for normal Costumers, it is not easy to test and read and make expierence, i lost 2 days to that... , i dont understand why it have so many Presmissions and other Anti Virus mecanisms, who has the Time and money for Viruses and Malware, and why it is so important to infiltrate the internet with that...?


          Sience win 10 i can not make FULL HD on Extern Monitor, in WIndows 7 it is supported,

          The game GTAIV (games for windows) i cant go online play, all solution tested, i have a account and original game but cant go Multiplayer, Xlive Less give me only Offline mode...


          AMD and other hangs on Microsoft or on Linux Systems ¡