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is there any driver update where i can play Dota 2 and battlefield 4 ?

Question asked by wolf_509 on Aug 5, 2016

Hello Everyone ,

i joined this comminuty to Regret the day i bought AMD broducts  since i bought my pc and it is hell painful to death


specs :

CPU Fx-8320

GPU : R9 270X dual-X 4GB Version

Ram : DDr3 8 G.skill dual kit

mother b. : MSI 970 Gaming

PSU : Zalman 600 MG

Windows 8.1


i made this post simply to ask ppl who Work in AMD we need Driver to support most famous games on this planet !!! , like Dota 2 and battlefield 4 , league of legends , they really shoudn't at all to take mantle support away without giving us an alternative !! ( iam still using Crimson 16.1.1 for god sake ) any update after 16.1.1 , Simply like that any game crash old or new


1.Really AMD  should make beta Driver and ppl who are enjoying beta testing can make a feed back , What the hell point from giving Driver over and over again while at the end we find it is mega fail !!!!!!

2. AMD must make ( Crash Report Tool ) Like any respectful software on this planet , don't depend on manual reports for god sake Y_Y

3.  you are having solid Hardware but really shitty Software


Hire some creative ppl then u could have a chance against that monster Nivida


to Sum up , i didn't buy AMD products to make my self suffer with my OWN money Y_Y