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    VR setup for Omimo with Radeon RX 480


      I have the Radeon RX 480 card and an Omimo VR headset which is powered by Nibiru. The headset can connect via HDMI and USB. When the HDMI cable is connected, I can get the computer to recognize it as another connected monitor, but I can't find anywhere to get it to see it as a VR headset. At best I can use it to watch side by side 3d videos, but I obviously can't get it to work for games or anything with head tracking. I keep reading things about LiquidVR, but I can't find any software for that or anything of the like in the AMD Radeon settings.

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          LiquidVR is for VR headset developers to use, it isn't something you can set or change the options on.  As far as I am aware that headset is a fairly cheap one which doesn't have positional tracking just a gyroscope.  I would assume you would have to tell the games to render to the device instead of the monitor (for games that support that) since the device handles all the processing it wouldn't be something that the AMD drivers get involved with or anything like that.