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Help. Can't install AMD (AMD 8750M) Drivers Windows 10 (x64 Pro) Black Screen After Driver Installation and laptop freeze mwhen trying to install driver.

Question asked by kronimx on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2016 by dj1507

It all started after i decided to update to windows 10. Everything went normal on the installation process of the O.S, as soon as i finished i wanted to install the newest drivers for my card, my card is an AMD 8750M (+Intel i5 4200u). I downloaded the driver i started the setup, but it got stuck in the installing display driver part. After an hour of waiting i decided to reboot my laptop and see what the problem is but surprise screen went black after the loading logo, no cursor, no nothing, so i used the windows 10 restore to install windows 10 again. Now im stuck with the microsoft amd driver because i cant install the good one. For some games it uses my dedicated graphic card, but for other games i doesnt so i need to use the catalyst control center to enable the high performance mode. Can anybody help me? Does somebody have a fix for this?