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R9 Fury X Displayports suddenly stopped working

Question asked by glb85 on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2016 by glb85

Earlier tonight, while I was sat in front of my pc reading something, 2 of my monitors plugged in via the displayports (using dp to vga adaptors) suddenly went blank and gave the "Signal Lost" logo. My 3rd monitor (which is actually a TV) which is plugged in via hdmi still works fine. I have restarted my pc and tried the other displayport, however my pc simply doesn't recognize any other monitors as being plugged in except via hdmi. I haven't tried any other dp to vga adaptors as I don't have any to hand, however I have just ordered 2 new ones on the off chance it is them. However I find it unlikely that both adaptors just happened to stop working at the same time, I also find it unlikely that all 3 of the displayports on the card would fail at exactly the same time, but the hdmi port is still perfectly fine. Anyone have any ideas? As it says in the title the card is an R9 Fury X and it's running the latest crimson drivers 16.7.3 and is not overclocked. One monitor is an LG 23MP65 IPS monitor and the other is a Phillips 190WV. If anyone needs any more info then please ask.