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    CS:GO 4:3 Stretched Not working (many solutions/workarounds tried)


      Windows 10 Home


      Radeon version: 16.7.3

      Graphics "Card": R5


      CS:GO at a 4:# resolution will still not stretch!


      Things I have tried:

      Update everything.

      Re-install drivers.

      install win 8.1 beta drivers.

      Live with it (I cannot do this).

      Change display scaling to "Full panel"

      Turn GPU scaling on/off

      Turn CS:GO profile settings to "Full panel"

      Start playing battlefield instead.

      Yell at god.


      But nothings works.


      I have several questions:


      1. how to make it work!

      2. does it work on other devices?

      I am planning on buying an R 480 for a new computer, will I suffer the same problems?




      Do you really want to play 4:3 stretched?


      Maybe get a better card?

      I am on a laptop, everything is built-in

      Nobody actually plays on stretched 4:3, right?

      I do.