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video encoding and decoding

Question asked by daveg on Aug 4, 2016

As more people move their dvd / br movie collections to their NAS drives they are turning to programs like Pavtube bytecopy


These offer coding acceleration for nvidia and AMD GPU owners.


It took me ages to discover that I needed ancient video codecs to get my Radeon GPU to take advantage of this facility - and only encoding, not decoding is supported.


Why doesn't the AMD technical department get its act into gear.


These codecs should be updated and part of the graphics suite!


Here's a typical forum comment


Enabling GPU acceleration in Wondershare Video Converter with an HD8650 you'll need old AMD codecs.




This is a link to them:

These are from 2006, and allow Wondershare to convert a couple of gigs of DVD to H264 at High Quality in 15 minutes or so.

Pavtube will encode with them but won't decode.



Nvidia has stolen a lead - get it fixed for your loyal customers! Otherwise its like having a crippled GPU!



06/08/2016 update. I believe I have discovered why AMD is quiet about coding acceleration with their GPUs! There are lip sync problems on videos coded this way! I'm back to just the main processor until somebody decides to get this properly fixed!