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    Freesync won't work with RX 480


      Hi guys. I have a monitor with Freesync via HDMI (Samsung S24F350 (supported on AMD list)).

      I have the new Sapphire RX 480 Nitro+  OC GPU, but i can't get Freesync to work. I have the newest Crimson driver (16.7.3), updatet monitor firmwire, enabled Freesync on the monitors OSD, but nothing helps.

      Crimson still says Freesync not supported. I use the HDMI cable which came with the monitor at it says: High speed HDMI with Ethernet, so i belive it should be ok.

      I can't use a DP cable because my monitor only has a VGA and HDMI port.



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          Can you try downloading and installing the monitor driver and check to see if that enables FreeSync in Radeon Settings?

          24" Full HD LED Monitor LS24F350FHUXEN | Samsung UK


          Page 33 onwards explains how to enable FreeSync when connected via either HDMI or DP.



          Have you enabled Ultimate Engine FreeSync mode?

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            So I actually have 2 of these monitors since they were on sale ($200 CAD at Bestbuy) and I wanted matching duals


            One is hooked up to my PC, the other to my MacMini.


            I got an MSI RX470 last week and was struggling to get Freesync detected.

            Freesync was the primary selling feature for me (previously had an NVidia GTX750), so I disappointed when it wasn't working.

            On Crimson Display settings, the display is detected as S24F350, but says Freesync Not supported.

            Freesync is enabled on the monitor, tried both standard & ultimate engine.


            On a whim, I decided to try the other monitor (same cable, just plugged it in the other monitor).

            Dammit it worked! Same monitor, same cable, same OCD settings, everything.

            Swapped back and first monitor still isn't detected as Freesync capable.

            But I did get it working on the first monitor too doing exactly this:

            - Turn off computer fully, swapped HDMI cable from other monitor back to first, then start up computer.

            - Check Radeon Settings, Freesync still not coming up (as expected)

            - Close Radeon Settings.

            - Do monitor "Reset all" settings (which I had previously done several times)

            - Check Radeon Settings, nope still not coming up (as expected since Freesync not enabled)

            - Close Radeon Settings.

            - Turn on Freesync on monitor OCD menu.

            - Check Radeon Settings - Freesync is ON!


            Well, that's my story. It's frustrating there isn't a better way to debug why it isn't being detected at Freesync capable though...

            It feels like maybe the monitor gets into some state where it just doesn't want to do Freesync (even though it's enabled).

            You just gotta find the right incantation to get it started (in my case it was 5 days of banging my head on my desk)...


            That was the first half the of confusion. Second part was actually getting Freesync visibly working.

            My monitor refresh rate was previously set at 75hz. The trick was to set refresh rate to exactly 72hz (which wasn't previously an option).

            It's important to set the desktop refresh rate to this since a lot of games (eg, Rocket League) default to the desktop

            refresh rate without an option to change it. Tried out the Windmill demo, FINALLY nice and silky smooth (when both Freesync & Vsync on).

            I can visibly see the improvement if I look for it (eg, panning the camera left & right in front of some

            vertical beams in Tomb Raider - some stepping/jitter without Freesync, but significantly smoother when it's enabled).

            In some games (eg, Overwatch), the improvement is not so obvious, so I'm not sure if it's working...


            It would be nice if there was some way to know if Freesync was really active in games. I'm thinking something like an FPS

            counter that is normally white, but changes yellow when Freesync is active, maybe turns red if you drop out of supported range...


            Also, if anyone is wondering. I'm using AmazonBasics HDMI cables (pretty sure they are HDMI 1.4).

            AmazonBasics 2-Pack High-Speed HDMI Cables Supports Ethernet, 3D and Audio Return, 6.5 feet: Amazon.ca: Electronics

            So despite what others have advised on other forums, you don't need HDMI 2.0 or DP-HDMI cables.


            Good luck to everyone else trying to get this working!

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                I don't have two monitors, but i have 2 2,0HDMI cabels and i tried the fix, just swapping the cable, but it did not work. Im on the enge to RMA the monitor for a non working Freesync hardware:(

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                    Yeah, I feel you. It's very frustrating

                    Originally I was going to post the two EDID's of the monitors thinking one was off spec, but when I switched over it started working.


                    I spent a good part of yesterday messing around and testing out Freesync in various games. Turns out it is working in Overwatch, but you have to use the in-game frame rate cap. With Freesync Ultimate engine, it's tear free between 52-71 fps, with Standard it's only 66-72. The problem is, when Freesync is working, I start to see other artifacts (like ghosting) that I previously didn't notice. I originally saw this ghosting and thought Freesync wasn't working in Overwatch. I figured a 4ms response time would be great and I wouldn't see stuff like that. I only just noticed that the monitors response time is 4ms GTG (grey to grey), which doesn't really translate into anything useful. By observation, the true response time is clearly more than 14ms. I noticed this ghosting in the bright training mode, but to be honest I don't see it in game (just too focused on actual gameplay, and seems less of an issue except in very bright areas).


                    Personally, I didn't want to get a TN panel due to color shift artifacts, and figured ~70hz would be good enough with Freesync.

                    I've had my monitors long enough that I can't return them, but that's worth considering if you can.

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                  Anyone knows a fix? Freesync works good with this monitor?

                  I want to buy it and a Sapphire RX480 Nitro+ OC.

                  Or I should buy another monitor with a GTX1060?