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    My R9 280X XFX "died" during drivers update


      Hello good people.


      I have problem with my graphic card and I would like if anyone else suffered similar problem.


      After few day of asking, I decided to let my graphic card to update drivers. It started, screen flickered once, than once more and PC went off. Until I have 8-pin and 6-pin plugged in my R9, PC just blinks once and won't even start turning on. When I start PC without power on the card it works great ( with on-board card ). I never ever had any problems with the card. First problem and BOOM, it went dead.


      So, anyone has any solutions maybe? Similar issues? Possible way to help?

      • MD Graphics Card
        • Make and model; AMD R9 280X XFX
      • Desktop
      • Operating System
        • E.g. Windows 7 64bit
      • Driver version installed

                I was installing latest drivers offered from AMD software


      • Display Devices
        • One line for each display device connected : ViewSonic, LED 24", 60Hz rr
      • Motherboard
        • Make and model; Asus H81M-Plus


        • Make and model number: Intel G3250 @ 3.2GHz
      • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage

                Powercolor 650W, Modular

      • RAM
        • Amount of memory installed;  8GB DDR3