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How can I rollback the crimson software to the previous version?

Question asked by michaelmaarkham on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2016 by ambrose

I've recently updated crimson to its most recent version and it's done nothing but mess up my gaming; specifically World of Warcraft. The Frame Target Control Control no longer works which leads me to believe none of the other settings have applied. I know how it felt on the settings I run on prior to the update and I can absolutely say it's gotten worse since I've updated the software.




I'd like to add that my girlfriend and I have the exact same computers and she uses the previous software and her WoW runs perfectly fine. Is there any way I can roll back to the version she's using. Her software information lists as:


Radeon Settings Version 2016.0708.1511-25486

Driver Packaging Version 16.20.1035.1001-160708A-304 500C


I tried looking up those codes but didn't find anything exact




I'd also like to add that when alt-tabbing my fps would sometimes drop in half until I alt-tabbed out again to "reset" it. It never did that prior to the update and does not occur on my girlfriend's machine.




after browsing the forums a bit i noticed that some other people were having similar problems..especially after the windows 10 anniversary update. i should have mentioned that all these problems began after the windows 10 update, which automatically updated my crimson as well. my WoW would actually freeze upon logging onto a character. i rolled back my version of windows and that got rid of the issue but again, the alt+tab fps drop issue persisted as well as my frame target control no longer working. issues i never had before updated both the OS and crimson software