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    RX 480 Hybrid sleep mode issues.


      my XfX RX 480 8gb will not wake up from sleep if hybrid sleep mode is turned on in the power settings, I've checked with a friend that has the same card, and his card also doesn't wake from hybrid sleep.


      Is this a driver issue?


      win 10 Pro N

      intel Core i5-4690k

      8GB RAM

      XfX AMD RX 480 8gb

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          FIrst report of this i have seen and hybrid sleep works okay on my RX 480 on Windows 10.


          amdpete do you see this?

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            I had a problem with my RX 480 that wouldn't let me wake it up from sleep. Disabling hybrid sleep fixed the problem, but unplugging my second display fixed it as well. With only one display, the RX 480 could use hybrid sleep just fine. With Two displays, the RX 480 needed hybrid sleep to be disabled. What could cause such strange behavior is beyond me, though it is probably a driver issue, I assume.

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              I am having the same issue with a similar setup. Dual monitors, 1 hooked to HDMI, the other to a passive DP to HDMI adapter. Once the monitors go to sleep, they will not come back on. I've had this card for a week, and it seems to have started today ever since I touched Wattman. I'm not sure my situation is exactly the same, but I turned off Hybrid Sleep to see if it resolves the issue.


              Did others notice this behavior after using Wattman for the first time?


              Edit: Disabled PCI-E Power saving mode and Hybrid sleep and the problem doesn't occur any more. Will test with the individual settings tonight and see what ultimately fixes the problem.

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                Here's another interesting thing: I returned my RX 480 that had this problem, and I decided to spend the little extra and get a GTX 1060 instead. Now, when my computer wakes from sleep, the Nvidia driver causes the system to restart with a blue screen error. Using HDMI and DVI connections for my monitors with no adapter, it still happens. Disabling hybrid sleep, it still happens.


                I have no idea what could be the cause here, but according to this thread, it may have something to do with the BIOSes being incompatible. I find it very peculiar that both my RX 480 and my GTX 1060 had problems with sleep. They're different problems, granted, but this does point to some kind of incompatibility between my motherboard and the BIOSes of the newer video cards.


                For reference, the card I had before was a Radeon HD 7950, and it would always wake from sleep just fine. Before that I had a Radeon HD 5770, and it also worked fine with this motherboard. My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3, and I run an overclocked Phenom II x4 955 if that helps with anything.

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                  I can say I have also run into this issue. Originally I was only using one RX 480 and noticed waking from sleep with hybrid mode enabled was slow to get all 3 monitors to wake up. The issue seems to be with multimonitor. I then started testing two RX 480s in crossfire and discovered the issue with not being able to wake properly from hybrid sleep. Furthermore, my Asus Crosshair V Formula-z reports Q-code 30 which indicates and issue waking from sleep. I removed the 2nd graphics card but even with just a single RX 480 the system fails to properly wake from hybrid sleep.


                  This needs to be filed as a bug as it is a pretty serious issue with multimonitor, RX 480 and hybrid sleep on Win 10.


                  Workaround: Disabling hybrid sleep fixes the issue.


                  Originally I thought it was an issue with crossfire but it seems to also affect single card configurations. With triple monitors, only one of the monitors detects signal over Displayport but it is still a black screen with backlight. The other 2 monitors which are on DisplayPort and HDMI fail to light up as if the system is still asleep.


                  I also want to mention that I have tested hybrid sleep with an R9 Fury Tri-X from Sapphire and have not experienced this problem.