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AMD software and drivers have not been installed.

Question asked by mahmoudmhamido on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2016 by kingfish

Whenever i keep trying to update my AMD drivers...This occurs.


Here's the log.

Install Manager
Installation Report
08/04/16 14:17:14


Hardware information
NameAMD Radeon HD 8670M
ManufacturerAdvanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Device ID0x6660
Vendor ID0x1002
Class Code0x038000
Revision ID0x00
Subsystem ID0x05ea
Subsystem vendor ID0x1028
Other hardware
Existing packages
AMD Install Manager
Packages for install
AMD Install Manager
Final Status:Success
Version of Item:
Size:20 Mbytes
AMD Display Driver
Final Status:Fail
Version of Item:16.300.2311.0000
Size:90 Mbytes
AMD Settings
Final Status:Success
Version of Item:2016.0718.1747.30147
Size:150 Mbytes
AMD Settings Branding
Final Status:Success
Version of Item:1.00.0000
Size:1 Mbytes
AMD Gaming Evolved App
Final Status:Success
Version of Item:2.11.000
Size:49 Mbytes
Final Status:Success
Version of Item:
Size:9 Mbytes

Other detected devices

Error messages


There are no error messages...

Can anyone identify the problem and suggest a solution?


Edit:System Specs

AMD Radeon HD 8670M

Dell Inspiron 5537

Windows 8.1 (Latest) 64bit

Display Drivers:N/A (Likely due to error according to dxdiag)


(I'll add more if needed)