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    AMD Driver stopped responding and has recovered Windows 10


      Hello Everyone


      I'm getting this error everytime when i'm playing a game. I Already tried a lot of possible solutions such has: Changing the regedit tdrdelay to 8, unistalling every amd driver on my pc using Display Driver Unistaller (DDU), updating my gpu driver to v16.7.3, updating my drivers using Windows Update, and last thing that i tried is changing the power limit to +20 using MSI Afterburner. I'm getting desperate, please help me.


      My PC Specs:


      AMD FX-8350

      M5A78L-M/USB 3

      DDR3 8GB(x2) Kingston

      MSI R7 370 4GB

      EVGA White 600 Watts


      English is not my main language, sorry if there is any error.

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          I have had the same issue with win 10 14.939.10 64x Pro



          I tested some ways. Crasched sometimes at 16% installation or 33 % by flickering

          Shutdown Computer dont help Black Screen and System hang on...

          i have found a way for me to solve it, but the Driver dont fixed other issues that i have sience Win 10


          Try this, donwlaod Amd Clean UP Utility (its alway in the install Folder)

          Execute it, restart.


          in System Manager / Hardware Manager show that the Videocard is not installed (yellow) if installed Automaticly try Uninstall with Right klick and uninstall with Software Checkbox

          Win 10 must up to date, but Videocard not installed.

          Than Downlaod / extrakt Crimson install it normal way with all but Uncheck the "automaticly install drivers"


          after installing Restart than Downlaod /extract install it as Upgrade (not uninsatll

          make sure that "automatic install drivers" is unchecked (i make that cuz some drivers give me bad fps)


          Now no Crash at install or Black Screen at Starting Windows for me.

          But have not Full Screen sience Windows 10 build 10240 on Dirt Rally with my VGA monitor on Laptop , CSGO work only in Windowed FS mode with my Vga Monitor but only 1680x1050 (win7 give me Full HD 1920...)


          If u have a Running louder Fan or 0.80V power in Desktop (if the Gpu dont turned off in 2D) close the Rapter and Plays Tv App in Windwos Task (need Configured in Catalyst/crimson that Energy is on loweer mode for this app but for Recording it needs Balanced mode i think)

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              Thanks for trying helping me, but it didn't work.

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                  have u Disable Signed Drivers (not in cmd) in Safe Mode? have a look to Disable Windwos automatic downlaod and installing Drivers by Windows Update?


                  I have make a Systemrestore, and become unstable System with Hang on by installing 16.7.3


                  After uninstalling in Safe mode, i try to disable Signed Driver, in cmd it dont work with new System w10(Premissions)


                  i disabled service and have a look on gpedit.msc ...try to disable that WIndwos Update installing self Driver Updates for Devices (u must know what u have to install...)


                  Disable in Hardware Options the "Validiate" and u can choose the driver self and than installing the Software (this must i do for new intel mGpu drivers)


                  THis helped me after System Restore W10 14939_10


                  But i must go about non WHQL (not install First the WHQL this give me Error and problemms with Microsoft Signed Drivers...) and over it i Upgrade to and Uncheck Automatic Installed drivers.

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                Sounds like you could have a faulty GPU, based on the troubleshooting steps you have already tried.


                Can you try underclocking the GPU core and Memory by 300Mhz to see if this reduces the frequency of the crashing?