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Need help with driver installation on new install of Windows 8.1

Question asked by stareyes on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2016 by amdmatt

Can someone help an old lady out? This is a long post and I apologize, so please bear with me.

What happened:
1. After stopping the Windows 10 upgrade many, many times over the last year it someone upgraded anyways while I was away on July 25th. It was very slow and I could not do anything so I used the option to return to Windows 8.1.
2. Back in Windows 8.1 I could not use any mouse or keyboard at all, tried to do a repair but wouldn't work due to no mouse or keyboard. Using my granddaughter's computer I searched for solutions and was told I would have to do a factory restore, which I did.
3. Factory restore took me back to Windows 8, I forgot that's what came on this computer since I had 8.1 almost immediately after purchasing it. I updated everything and then chose to update to Windows 8.1 since that's what I want and like.
4. Windows 8.1 update caused errors and did not complete, I was then stuck in a loop of trying to get back to 8. Nothing worked so I attempted yet another factory restore.
5. HUGE PROBLEM BEGINS: At some point the last factory restore did something to my restore disk! It is empty. I had made 2 and just used this so I know it had work yesterday. Luckily the second disk which includes all the drivers is fine so a neighbor let me use their computer and I downloaded Windows 8.1 iso from microsoft, there was no option to get just 8. All good, burned disk works and I have installed Windows 8.1.
6. Installing drivers from second restore disk that is still working, some worked and some failed, the failed ones mainly AMD Chipset Generic Driver (what it's called on the disk). So I went to Gateway support and found Chipset_AMD_13.15.100.2_W81x64_A and VGA_AMD_13.152.0.0000_W81x64_A.
7. BIG PROBLEM AGAIN: Attempting the chipset file somehow disconnected my hard drive, it changed in device manager showing the original greyed out like something had uninstalled it and there was a new one with a different name. The computer was working at this point so I went on to install the wouldn't start so I went into safe mode but had no mouse or keyboard so did a hard restart with the power button. This restart I was greeted with INACCESSABLE_BOOT_DEVICE!
8. Searching help told my only option was a restore, so I installed Windows 8.1 iso yet again. This time doing some research and found out I should update windows so I spent a few days doing that until all updates were installed.
9. NOW I have looked to and have installed AMD-Catalyst-15.7.1-SB-SATA-AHCI-Win10-Win8.1-Win7 and AMD-Catalyst-15.7.1-Without-DOTNet45-Win8.1-64bit (recommended by auto detection tool).

BUT...I now have strange things in device manager. The 7540d display is there, AMD sata controller now there, and hard drive appears to be back to normal but there are no other drivers at all. During install there were other drivers listed (can't remember what they said though, sata and usb something) I heard the chimes that it worked and no errors in the report but device manager just shows generic pci items under system devices and universal serial bus controllers. I know before all this happened that most or all of these did say AMD something...

So what I'd like to achieve now:
1. Get the correct drivers loaded back into this Windows 8.1
2. I've tried installing again and AMD Catalyst Install Manager says everything IS already installed and up to date
3. But they are not showing up in device manager and do not look installed to me (photos at the end of this post)

My computer is:
a. Gateway DX4380g
b. A6-5400k with Radeon HD 7540d (this used to show in dxdiag and system properties but now only shows a6-5400k with radeon hd graphics).
c. I have changed nothing at all since purchase except memory upgrade from 6GB to 10GB.
d. 1TB hard drive (sata according to the user guide I have)

I'm prepared to do what needs to be done to fix this even if it requires re-installing Windows 8.1 and therefore have not re-installed any programs or put any data back on this yet except for a couple gateway things like power management and identity card for easy access to SN numbers etc.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.