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Disappointed RX 480 User - Crossfire Question - Fury Nano addition?

Question asked by jskarp23 on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by amdpete

I have a question. I am not happy with the driver support for the RX480 (there are a few games that will not work at all) so i am thinking of adding a Fury Nano or Fury X to my system.


I have two RX 480 cards in my system now and I am pleased overall but its frustrating that some things are not working and no updates as to when fixes will be implemented (The Evil Within -for one-)... so...questions:


1. can I define which crossfire card is "master"? This would allow me to add a nano into the third slot (it has slightly limited space due to MB connectors at the bottom edge of the MB. (ASUS x99-A II v3 motherboard). If I can define which is master crossfire card i can keep all three in. If not:


2. If I remove my master rx480 and replace it with furyx or fury nano will the remaining rx480 still function as normal even though it is running behind an "older" card?


Its a shame I am having to spend more cash on this system just so the things I have had working will work again but that is the price you pay for new technology. You do not even get free games with your hardware anymore as a consolation prize. I have been with ATI since my 7970s but I am starting to look at the NVIDIA sections on newegg and amazon prime....


xfx fury x for $399 right now is a good price though.


specs. New build


ASUS x99-A II v3 (40 total PCIE lanes)

g.skill ddr4-3200 x32gb (4x8gb)

xfx rx 480 8gb  oc x2

samsung evo 850 SSD x2

1000w Gold + PS

clean new install Win10