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XFX R9 280X weird block artifacts

Question asked by snowwulf on Aug 2, 2016

Alright boyz,


first let me show you a screenshot:


R9 280X Bug.jpg


I get this artifact a lot. It is always in block shape and shows in checker texture pattern another part of the same screen. Under normal circumstances there is a second one with exact the same shape only with the opposite what is obscured from the first artifact.


I use:

Win 10 64bit

Intel i5 2500


XFX R9 280X

Biostar TP67b+

2 Monitors HDMI, DVI


Now I can somewhat replicate this issue with luck. I noticed the chance this happens increases when I playing a game and have a Flashplayer related stuff running on the second monitor. (Like Twitch)

None the less it can happen without any other application running but it never happens on Windows desktop alone.

Even if that problem occurs the game never crashes or loses performance, its just annoying. When I restart the game the problem is most of the time gone, sometimes just messing around with application windows the problem has a chance to disappear.


Now I dont know if it is related to crimson drivers cause I own this card for only like 6 month now and the problem was always present.


What did I try:

Always new drivers, fresh Win install, monitored card with a variety of programs - nothing out of the ordinary found, always update to new drivers, after 3 Updates I fresh install the 4 update.


What could be the problem:

First of all my Mainboard only posses a PCIe 2.x meaning the card is bottle-necked there, but I never heard of this kind of problem with that. Also I know that AMD cards have problems when running flash stuff because of down clocking. The last thing (And god I hope not) maybe it is a manufacturing error.



Tell me what YOU think about this issue. *summoning all the AMD Masters out there*