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flickering in home streaming

Question asked by nealster on Aug 2, 2016

Issue:  Steam In Home Streaming (Running a game on one PC as a host, and playing the game thru another computer as the client).  If you have an AMD graphics card on the host (I have an r9 380) and choose to use Hardware Encoding on the host to encode the game using AMD AMF, and hardware decoding on the client (DXVA) you get a flickering screen.  It flickers at least once every single second.


"Solution":  People have found workarounds to the problem, but I have yet to find a real solution.  One can:  Use Software Encoding on host machine, relying on CPU to Encode.  Basically bypassing your AMD card for this purpose.  Or, you could keep Hardware Encoding on the host, and use Software Decoding on the client.  Or, if you went Intel, you can use Intel's Quicksync to do the Hardware Encoding from the Host.  Intel Quicksync and Nvidia work just fine for In Home Streaming.


My Rig, and things I have tried:


AMD FX8320 @ 4.2GHZ

24 GB DDR3

Sapphire Nitro R9 380 4GB



Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale @3.0GHZ OR AMD Phenom II x4 965 @~3.6GHZ

8GB DDR2 or DDR3

AMD HD 6670 or Nvidia GTX 750TI


Bottom Line:  This has been broken since November of 2015  Valve have said they were working with AMD to resolve this.  Then later Valve said something somewhat along the lines of "AMD Cards are just not good for streaming the way need them to".  Can I get any official word from AMD about this?  I am NOT buying an AMD graphics card again until this is fixed.  C'mon guys.  Don't make me cash out my AMD stock and buy a gtx1070.  Trying to hold out for Vega...


Links with more info:


Black Screen Flickering Using In Home Streaming :: Steam In-Home Streaming


Second one has a post from HenryG saying "We are working with AMD to get this resolved ASAP."  From NOVEMBER 29, 2015!