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Are my temperatures safe? FX 8350

Question asked by leonardgutrock on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by techguy

Hello. I just bought a new FX 8350 processor, and I will like to know if temperatures are safe. I use my PC for gaming, and 3D rendering, wich it makes the chip going full load almost all the time. I have seen, 61C is the max user temp, mine is always above 55, reaching 60. So far, not beyond that. I used to have an FX 8150, and temperatures were always between 50 and 55 at full load. I also use Cooler master seidon 120M and two chasis fans, but what I would like to know is, if the temperatures are always at this range mentioned before for long periods of time 6-8 hours daily My processor will be fine?

This is my Rig:

MB: Asus M5A99XEVO

FX 8350

XFX double dissipation R9 280X

12 GB ram 1886mhz

Cooler master seidon 120M

2 thermaltake fans

Raidmax Cobra power 700W 80 plus bronze


thanks for your answers


Another thing, Can someone explaing me this? If I check the temperature with HWINFO64, the total cpu temperature shows me a number, and If I do the same using Overdrive, the cpu cores individually show me a different temp, what´s going on there?, and not only that, but if the cpu is idle, the core temps shown in overdrive will rise, while HWIN.. will show a decrase of temp. Oh, and what is TMPIN1?. Thanks!!