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    16.7.3 R9 390x Dual Display Port Issues


      I am running a simple dual monitor setup.  Both support DP and were connected without issue before the 16.7.3 update.  I am running a Sapphire R9 390x card with Windows 10.  My secondary monitor is detected via DP but it won't actually turn on.  I have moved it from one DP to another on the card wit no change.  I am able to connect it to the card using HDMI and see the monitor so it appears that is must be an issue with the latest driver update.  Is anyone else seeing this issue?

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          My son was having the same issue with two Radeon R9270X cards connected via crossfire.  He had no issues with the 16.3.2 driver and after updating to the 16.7.3 driver, the main monitor would be stuck in savings mode and the secondary monitor would be blank.  He could unplug the main monitor from the graphics card and then the secondary monitor would show the Windows 10 login and once logged into Windows, plugging in the main monitor would return everything back to normal.  Everytime he wanted to restart, he would experience the same issue and would have to follow the same procedure so he rolled back the driver from 16.7.3 to 16.3.2 and everything is sweet now.  Definitely something to do with the new driver somewhere along the way when the computer boots up but before the login phase.  You are not the only one experiencing this issue so hang in there until AMD release the next driver or hotfix.


          Cheers DP.

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            Thanks for the post. We'd like to learn more about the issue, please submit a bug report and roll back your driver.