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weird issue

Question asked by smashinbob on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2016 by amdmatt

I got the rx 480 recently, and also did new clean win 10 installation


So, the problem is, when i get into windows, after 1-30 minutes, eventually the screen goes either (black, yellow, blue etc...), everything runs fine underneath, so the pc does not freeze, it just stops displaying picture, but i can still hear sounds, or shut down without problem,(alt F4 +enter), etc..


Now the weird part this only happens when im doing stuff in windows(installing stuff, browser, nothing at all, moving files, just general windows stuff)

But if i play a game, say batllefield 4, i play for like 2-3 hours, it will not happen, I currently have a game in background just to prevent it from happening(and will not happen as long as any game is running), but it is not really a good workaround, I cant constantly have a game in background to prevent this issue from happening, i do use this pc for work and many other stuff besides gaming...