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    cd-dvdw stopped reconizing discs.


      I have a Toshiba Satellite C55-a with standard cd-dvd player. While playing a dvd disc, it actually stopped recognizing any disc I placed in drive. Running win 8.1 updated to win 10. Done a factory reset, didn't. Did clean install with win 8.1 pro. Still didn't work. Updated to Win 10 pro, again doesn't recognize discs. Will updating chipset drivers help? Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Laptop is a little over 2 years old.

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          I bit hard to troubleshoot via internet lol but sometimes those drives just go. I have had some DVD rom drives that would read CD's but not DVD's and some quit all together.  With it quitting on the same Windows install that it once worked on chances are its not a chipset issue. Only way to know 100% is to try the chipset update then it would come down to getting a DVD drive you know works and that fits that laptop. Most are fairly cheap. If you really don't want to spend much money go used on Ebay for the added protection if it doesn't work. Some go on there for 5 bucks give or take.