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Resolution Issue After Win 10 install

Question asked by godlesswonder on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by godlesswonder

Hello. I've an odd situation since I updated my card for Win 10;



I run three displays off of my AMD Radeon HD 7970 - a SyncMaster (2053BW - 20"), a Dell (E2414H - 24") and a LG (TV - 42").

('LG 42CS560 42" 1080p LCD TV - 16:9')



I use the 'extend my display' option and have all three acting as a single horizontal display. I would (until recently) drag my apps, browser, etc. from either of the displays to the TV without issue - the resolutions (were/are) identical - that is, I didn't have to adjust the size of anything when I dragged between them.



Yesterday, I finally updated my system to Win 10. This required I update my drivers and such from AMD, since Window uninstalled the old version, saying it was obsolete, so I got the most recent version for Win 10 from this site.



Now, the TV's display resolution appears...well, huge. Cartoonishly so. When I drag anything from either of the other two displays to the TV, it is some three to four times as large. It's a pain to try and fit it in enough to even be able to grab a corner, drag to resize, move it again, drag to resize - I have to do this 2-3 times just so it fits within the display. Really annoying. Especially when I am swapping out like this several times an hour generally.



But here's the thing - the resolution in my AMD panel shows the TV res being identical to what (one of) the monitors is; 1920x1080. It is the maximum (and recommended) setting available. I have no clue what has happened, or what to do to correct it at this point. I have enabled/disabled the HDMI scaling, which is not helpful. It makes a tiny difference (10% maximum), when the issue is that it is several times as larger, not >/=10%. I'm not even sure what GPU scaling is supposed to do, but I see no effect at all when toggling that option. I find no other relevant settings (side note; Now I have to go over to my sys settings simply to adjust the resolution? That's a step backwards, but I digress...).



Any ideas what has happened and/or how I can fix it? It really isn't all that usable as is - the update has broken my display. Thanks!





Intel i7 2.93 GHz (4 core)

P55-GD80 (MS-7581) 1.0

8 gigs G Skill (4x2GB, DDR3-2000)

AMD Radeon HD 7970