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Identifying the card used in the new Retina iMacs

Question asked by jim12345 on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by jim12345

Hi there,


I am trying to properly identify the graphics card used in the 2015 27" retina iMac.

The reason being : I use Ubuntu and getting the new AMDGPU drivers  for 16.04 working depends on the chipset.

However, OSX reports two different cards and Ubuntu also reports two different cards according to where you look.

I have asked over in Ubuntu land here :

mac - ATI Graphics - iMac 27 - incorrect graphics card reported - Ask Ubuntu

and I have asked over in Mac land here :

Mac Forums

However, the mac forum's general opinion is 'how dare I even be questioning Mac's authority'  (said in a southpark accent)

I appreciate that when manufacturing a graphics card the product/model is not always updated on all it's chips in the chipset, so the difference in answer could be according to how you are asking the question.


Any help appreciated - thanks