I think I have found out what the cause of my problems with my r7 M360 is.

Discussion created by sandrino on Aug 1, 2016
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I think that the problem is mainly a lack of power to the gpu, you see, my R7 M360 has a problem with a rather jumpy and unsteady frequency.

I looked at my power brick and saw that it can output a maximum of 65 watts, this is a problem as the R7 M360 alone consumes 50 watts and my apu the A10 8700p consumes 15 watts, that adds up to 65 watts, but this does not account for the screen, hdd or whatever I have plugged into the usb ports.


I tested this by having my R7 M360 running doom 2016, low and behold, when I plugged in my laptop cooler, problems got even worse and the frequency of the R7 M360 slumped down and became even more unstable signifying that the R7 M360 was never given the appropriate amount of power.


I will test this and see with a 90 watt power brick tomorrow and to confirm my theory on why my R7 M360 is not performing as it should be.


By the way my specs is a10 8700p 15 watt edition and a R7 M360 and the os is windows 10 and the name of the laptop is acer aspire E5-552G- T3A1.