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    Crimson 16.7.3


      Dear Community,


      I have a Problem with my AMD Radeon RX 480 and the latest Crimson 16.7.3 Driver.


      Recently I bought myself a new System (see specifications below). I installed the RX 480 with the CD that was sent with the PC.

      However it was not not the 16.7.3 Edition. (Can look the edition up - if neccesary - when i am back home again)


      As a result the RX 480 was beeing noticed in the Device Manager next to the preinstalled Intel HD Graphics. Nevertheless i could not access the AMD Settings because the System says: "Radeon Settings are currently not available. Please try again after connecting AMD Graphics".


      I did the following steps:

      • Updated Windows and disabled automatic Updates
      • Deinstalled the AMD Driver with DDU in Save Mode.
      • Downloaded the 16.7.3 for Win 64 from AMD Website and installed it. (Still no Access to AMD Settings - same error)
      • Installed C++ and Netframe


      After that i downloaded another tool from the AMD Website to check if i got the latest Versions of Windows, Crimson etc.

      The Tool says everything is up to date... Still i can't Access the Settings and therefore can't use the Graphics Card in Games or for normal Windows Resolution.

      Even tried disabling Intel Graphics to check wether it works then. No effect :/


      Any Suggestions?


      Thanks in Advance!






      My System:

      • AMD Graphics Card: RX 480
      • Desktop or Laptop System: Desktop System
      • Operating System: Windows 10 64bit
      • Driver version installed: Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.7.3
      • Display Device: FULL HD TV


      • Motherboard: ASUS H110M-A Socket 1151 Intel R H110 Chip
      • CPU: Intel Core i7 6700
      • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage: Silent 400W CSL
      • RAM: 16GB