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Black Screen after boot

Question asked by reso1388 on Aug 1, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2016 by maxhardy


Ive got a problem and it looks like its the graphic driver. It all started yesterday, i started counter strike global offensive (like i did several times bevore) then my pc froze a blue screen appeart and i had to restart the pc.


When i restarted the PC everything seemed fine until the Windows Login Screen should appear, my screen turned black (also no mouse arrow) and i wasnt able to do anything instead of rebooting.

I was able to open the save mode. Everything in save mode worked fine, sfc /scannow showed no problem but i wasnt able to start the pc in normal mode anymore.


So i decided to reinstall windows, everything was fine, reboot was working until i installed the Radeon Software Crimson Edition Graphics Driver Installer for Windows 7 64-Bit.


My system :

CPU : AMD Phenom ll X4 3,4 GHz

Grafic : Radeon R9 270x

Ram : 6 GB

Installed Windows 7 SP1 64 bit


Ive used anti malware and antivir tools, also did a "clean" uninstall of the amd driver


I havent done any changes on my system, no new tools , no ne hardware nothing. so ive no clue why i get this black screen after installing the amd driver. Im trying to fix it since 12 hours now. Im thankfull for any help and im sorry for my bad english.


yours sincerely Reso