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    New driver causes Skyrim to crash to desktop randomly.


      So now not only does Skyrim hitch and have mini freezes randomly on the r9 295x2 in windows 10 along with all other dx9 games, but now with the new drivers, it now crashes to desktop randomly.


      dx9 games have issues on the r9 295x2 in windows 10. Something is not right in the drivers for this card. When will this issue get fixed and looked at properly?


      Drivers installed properly as usual, recent fresh install of windows 10 all drivers up to date before installing amd drivers.


      The day my card runs properly with windows 10 for all dx versions and has no crossfire or freesync issues will be a good day indeed.

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          Most common cause of crashing to desktop (CTD) in Skyrim is a mod.  If you use Nexus Mod Manager (what I use) then open it up to your Skyrim mod settings and start disabling your mods, one by one, until you isolate the mod--which you will easily be able to do because the game suddenly will not CTD anymore in a particular place when a particular action is performed--then uninstall the mod (or find an updated version of it) and you are good to go.  Tell-tale for a mod problem is that the CTD happens in the same place as the result of the same action, over and over again.  This is a very time consuming process, but that's life on the mod highway...!


          Yes, until d3d12 becomes the baseline for game engine design--a couple of years off, most likely--problems with x-fire/SLI will remain.  D3d12 represents the beginning of putting those problems into the past because for the first time x-fire/sli will be supported right in the game engine via the d3d API. I tried some x-fire goodness a few years ago with twin 4850's...and I was happy with the situation until I bought a 5770 that was faster as a single card than my twin 4850's put together in x-fire had been, so I haven't tried x-fire since.  YMMV at the moment.  Help is coming but it will be awhile yet...

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              Skyrim is the base game no mods what so ever, with no edits to the ini files either.


              i try skyrim ever driver to see if they have fixed the issues in the driver and they never do.


              my card, the r9 295x2 worked perfect in win 7,8 and 8.1 but since win 10 no dx 9 game works properly.

              Every dx9 game hitches and freezes for split seconds randomly. This does not happen dx 10 or 11 nor does it happen if i put an nvidia card in.


              if i disable crossfire for any game it causes the core clocks to fluctuate and downclock.


              disabling crossfire for dx9 games causes the usage on one card to appear to constantly fluctuate from 0 to 100 in spikes up and down.


              also there is no fps drop when i disable crossfire in any dx9 game. Many of the drivers had issues actually disabling crossfire for dx9 games which leads me to believe crossfire is still not fully disabling and both cards are still being used in some way. Also freesync and crossfire dont work together for dx9 so this also makes me think crossfire is still enabled in some way as freesync never works in dx9 games.


              freesync and crossfire together cause core clocks to downclock.

              so basically if i use freesync ever game will down clock due to the freesync bug and also disbling crossfire bug causing downclocks.


              fact is the drivers are broke and have been since windows 10 came out a year ago now. I wont be buying another amd card as the drivers are a disgrace.


              when a driver has more known issues in the notes than fixes they should not be released. Most reported issues which are card function issues dont even appear in the notes.


              my card was a flagship card which through drivers has been rendered useless. Its not good enough. And using the excuse that nvidia drivers also have issues is not a valid excuse for amd's lack of working drivers.

              So many people are having freesync issues with monitors causing them to RMA them constantly many of the issues are actually driver problems and not hardware.

              ive tried freesync and it is very much almost random if it actually works or not. I sometimes had to go in and out ofva game a few times before it would kick in and work even though you were in the active range. It never worked after changing graphic settings in game i always had to restart the game before it would work.