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    compatibility mode button missing?


      I realize I may be late to the party here because I've been waiting on a RMA power supply, followed by three days worth of trouble shooting a corrupt boot registry which I ended up fixing by dual booting another version of windows then looking at blue screens , taking pictures with my phone of what file it said it was missing and copying it from on drive to another....needless to say although elated when i finally could boot into my main OS again i was not happy to find that compatibility mode has been stripped of the latest update Crimson .....is this a goof? of a permanent omission?


      Radeon Settings No Compat buttton.jpg

      power efficiency is there but not compatiability mode....i do realize that RX 480 owner are only going to be the only ones that care about this, but seriously this was part of our promised fix and "piece or mind" insurance. I want my button back

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          Not expected behaviour.


          What driver version are you using?


          I would try using DDU and then performing a clean installation of our latest driver, Crimson 16.7.3.

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              I updated to 16.7.3 from 16.7.2 .....with 16.7.2 the button was there now its not.....I'll go ahead and do like you suggest and more than likely fix it....i just read another post were a guy was missing his "power effiency" button and the good old DDU fix work for him. Seriously though this is the 4th driver update since i've got the card and each time i've had to run DDU to make it right for some reason, and every other solution to 90% of the issues i've read on the forum always seem to be fixed with "run DDU and install latest driver" is this just going to be my standard S.O.P.  for the next 5+ years life of the card eery time a new driver comes out i have to run DDU?