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    Weird reboot while loading match on CS:GO


      Hi guys.


      I have my brand new computer and one day i tried to play Counter Stirke Global Offensive online, but while it is loading the online match, pc reboots with the famous kernel power 41 error.
      I've played The Withcer 3, Overwatch and Crysis 3 with any problem, it only happens on the online match loading screen of CS GO, and for my surprise i can play offline games with bots on CS GO with any problem. Also, i played cs go with my friend's graphics card, an Nvidia GTX 650 Ti, and everything went well.
      I have the lastest crimson drivers 16.7.3

      CPU: Intel Core i5-4460

      MOBO: MSI B85M-G43


      What i've tried:

      - Veryfing game cache

      - Reinstalling Steam and CS GO

      - Reinstall GPU Drivers

      - Fresh install Windows 10


      If anyone can help me, i will appreciate it.