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Can HDMI freesync monitors be used via displayport to HDMI cable? (Triple Screen)

Question asked by robmd on Aug 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by onlyjimmy

So, I'm looking at building a triple monitor set-up.  I'd like to use 3x LG 23MP68VQ-P monitors, which support freesync over HDMI, as they look like the perfect screen for my needs

As far as the card goes I'm looking at buying an RX480 - Probably the Sapphire Nitro 8GB version - this includes 2x hdmi ports, 1 x dvi and 2x displayport.


I figure I should be able to connect 2 of the 3 monitors with standard HDMI to HDMI and that freesync shouldn't be a problem on those, but if I connect the third monitor it will need to be via a displayport to HDMI cable - will that connection also support freesync?  (And will I need an active convertor or passive cable)?